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Victoria Nelson – Writer

On Writers Block: A New Approach to Creativity

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A Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection

Its a pleasure to recommend Victoria Nelsons now classic little book . . . which has so much to inspire interest the unblocked writer as well. Such books on writing are all too rare.
Diane Johnson, author of Le Divorce

This is a generous yet hard-headed book on the writing process, but its more than that. It is a fascinating personal journey into the interior of a writers heart. As such, its like having a close friend and survivor standing by, telling me that it is okay to be the writer I am and also reminding me to have courage.
C.E. Poverman, author of My Father in Dreams

Victoria Nelsons book is in a class by itself: clear-sighted and true, it stands alone in its thoughtful, supremely intelligent examination of a complicated human phenomenon. It is well researched, broadly informed, and grounded in literary and psychological example. Best of all, it is a generous workone that offers real food for thought as well as the opportunity for hopeeven wisdom.
Sheila Ballantyne, author of Imaginary Crimes